SECRET – Poem by Vivienne Timmermans

I have a secret

For 18 years I have never told

Of the baby i birthed

At just 17 years old.

A baby girl put up for adoption

This was not my parent’s decision

It was my 1st option

At 22 I meet a man.

Fall in love as deep as one can.

I tell my secret when we are drunk

He is not happy – mad as a skunk

No one knows my secret

Not my friends not my brother

The only ones to know

Was my father and mother.

For 18 years I buried my secret

Then one day a phone call just for me

While i was standing preparing tea.

Hello Vivienne, is this you

I think your my birth mother


I now have no secret

I can tell the world

Except my husband

Happy he is not

I have changed our world with this secret of mine

He told me our marriage

Would have never of been

If i had come clean.

2 years later and how am i feeling

Still coping with the mood shifts and dealings.

If you think you love someone

And that they are your sole mate

Tell them your secret

Or one of you will hate.


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