About Vivienne Rae Timmermans

I am now aged 51 living in Brisbane with my Husband. Our son Liam now 18 and lives in Uluru. Our daughter Ayrlie 21 is in the Army now living in Adelaide. Peter accepts Natasha as a part of his family so we now have a happy extension with Natasha and her beautiful daughter yes my granddaughter Chloe Rose. Life is fantastic as my family is complete. I am ready to share my story and experiences as a birth mother. My vision is to do sex education talks to teenages sharing my story hoping they will think twice when encountering there first sexual experiences. I would also like to share my story with other birth mums that are like me and not encouraged to talk about it but to live in silence. I would love to share with adopted children my experience with the reunion of my daughter Natasha Rose. Remember not all stories are sad. What is unique with my journey is that you have a birth mother (Vivienne), her adopted daughter (Natasha Rose), and Natasha’s adopted mother (Sandra) all sharing our journies. I am truly blessed that my daughter was given to Sandra and Bruce. Bruce has sinces passed and we miss him dearly as Natasha and Chloe were his whole world. He loved them unconditionally and is the whole reason Natasha is who she is today.  I truly believe in my heart that i was meant to have this baby for them. My purpose in life is to now help others with thiers. I just love it now when people ask me “How many children do you have” and i love watching their mouths drop when i say with confidence 3 and 1 grand child.  I pray that we will all touch you in some positive way. Enjoy


5 responses

  1. Viv
    I just loved, loved, loved reading ‘your’ story and I consider it a privilge that you open your life for others. I feel like I know you better but I already loved the Viv I knew.
    Noela (#2) lol

  2. Hi Vivienne
    My name is Michael Grunwald and I am the guest editir of the PARC quarterly publication Branching Out. Natalia mentioned your blog to me and I was wondering whether it would be ok with you to mention it in our June edition? Please feel free to say no, but as with all our other personal stories, I think many people might benefit from reading it.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Regards Michael

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