I fell pregnant without having sex!!!!!! Just call me Mary

OK so you all want to know how i fell pregnant without having sex…. grab a coffee or a Vodka and read on.

I’m 16 years old just left year 11 as a got accepted to attend the Albion Tafe Secretary  College, only a small number of girls were accepted to attend this college so i was very happy. I was only there for a couple of months as i got a job in Brisbane City working as a junior for an Insurance Broker – MCN Insurance. For me this is the dream job i always wanted. I wanted to be a secretary and this was my foot in the door. Mostly everyone in Inala worked for Huttons Meat Works or Woolworths. I wanted a better job than that. Well i was attending Tafe when i first fell pregnant, so when i started working in the city i was already pregnant but really in denial.

OK OK so you want to know the nitty gritty. Well like i mentioned before i was an Australian Figure Roller Skating champion for the Inala Roller Skating Rink and we were always raising money for the competitors to travel to championships. We held many a car wash, all night skates and the occasional  Car Rally.

It was a Car Rally this week end, destination Car Brook swimming hole at Mt. Cotton. Anyone could participate in the rally of course the more people the more money we raised. Well there was this boy who was not a competitor but very popular at regular session skates at Mount Gravatt Roller Skating Rink. (By the way when i was 13years old i was the first to skate on this rink and was featured in the Courier Mail. Who would believe 3 years later i would be pregnant). When ever i was aloud to go to Mt. Gravatt sessions i would watch him as he was Mr. Popular and i thought he was so cool. He wasn’t even good looking but was a real charmer. Well i was told this particular day at Car Brook that he had his eyes on me and wanted to be with me. I couldn’t believe it. This was totally out of the blue.

OK so we get together kissing, hugging, pashing. I can still feel those tingles through my body. I was shaking from nerves. Soon i find myself with his hands down my pants and mine down his. As i 16 years  old i’m feeling pretty good right now. (Remember those days). Alot of feelings running through my body. I remember thinking, What am i doing?, I don’t really know this guy – but i’m having fun right. What is going to happen? Are we now boyfriend or girlfriend? We didn’t even really talk to each other. Just straight into muckn around.

Well the next thing i know he has pushed my pants to the side and has his penis was up against my vagina. What the hell – I’m not ready for this – I kept saying no and he kept saying yes. I was happy with the foreplay for now, god i just met him today. He tried and tried to stick his penis up me but i just couldn’t do it. I remember feeling the head of his penis right there and i pushed him away.

Well he wasn’t happy with that result. Got the shits  and he just left me there. He never talked to me for the rest of that day or from then on.

So where exactly were we? We were in the lake with everyone else. MY GOD you would think the water would have washed it away. O NO – It stuck that bloody sticky stuff to my skin didn’t it. I tried to wash myself clean but to no avail.

I was not on the Pill and of course a condom wasn’t even an option.

The next thing i know i have missed my first period.

Well i never saw a doctor and my mother didn’t know i was pregnant until i was 8 months pregnant. I went on to win the Queensland and Australian Roller Skating Championships within the 9 months of being pregnant. How you might ask did i do that. Well you will have to wait for my next blog.

Until Then – IF ITS NOT ON – ITS NOT ON.