Book to read

Wow, I just finished reading this book. Although American, I feel as though I am not alone. Some great reading, I highly recommend it. To think there are other Birth mums just like me!!!!!!



I Don’t Know

This week i had a little taste of what it would feel like as an adoptee. I visited the skin specialist this week and he asked me some family health care questions that i couldn’t answer relating to my mother and father. Very frustrating as they haven’t talked to me for 2 years. I can only imagine what it would be like coping for years and years not knowing.

I Love having my Granddaughter in my life

A quick selfie

A quick selfie

I was blessed to have my granddaughter stay with me this Easter holidays for a few days. She is 14 years old now and still likes to hang with Nan. So why is she so important to my life you ask? To be able to introduce her everywhere I go as my granddaughter is very liberating. Can you believe after 16 years of having Natasha in my life I still pinch myself and ask, “Is this all for real? Is she really in my life?”

I took Chloe to my local Post Office, where I go a lot and introduced her to Liz, the lady who works there. Well Liz nearly fell over with shock. “Granddaughter?!” She said, then looked at Chloe and said “You must love having Viv as your Nanna, she would be very hip as a Nanna?”, Chloe smiled and chuckled shook her head “Yes.” Liz also commented on her pretty eyes, I lent in and flashed mine. Yep, Chloe inherited my eyes, through her mother of course.

I took Chloe to our local Library to get one of her favorite books and the lady at the counter referred to me as Chloe’s mother. At first I said to myself “Did she say Mother?” Then she said it again. Chloe and I just looked at each other and on our way out we laughed our head off. Chloe said she was going to say that I was her Nan, and I said I was going to say she was my granddaughter but we both couldn’t be bothered. We just laughed.

I love that Chloe loves my (hippy) clothes. She drags them out and tries to steal them. Bahahaha What grandchild wants to wear their Nanna’s clothes? MINE DOES and I LOVE IT. It’s in her genes – Woot.

I can’t wait for next school holidays to have her stay again.

Feeling Blessed.

My Purpose Statement


I hereby declare before myself and the world that my primary purpose in life is to become a public speaker  for those who have been touched by Adoption or Fostering. I also promise to be a captivating inspiration for Teenagers when I get to talk to them about the importance of Sex education and how they can play a role in lowering the rate of Teenage mums in Australia and possibly worldwide.

Your Values Drive Your Purpose – Dr. John F. Demartini

Ebook being Proof read


So excited. Today i put the finishing touches to my eBook and i have sent it to be proofread by a Freelance Proofreader Emily Bloem. Just before i sent my story into cyberspace i started to shake and cry, this has been years in the making, truly years. When i was in my 20’s i did a Tafe book writing course to no avail. I have tried many times to hand write my journey and to now see it all come together is truly a blessing for i am grateful.

I can’t believe it. A secrete that i kept for so long and i am now about to share it with the world. I can’t tell you how healing that is. How amazing i feel. How empowered i have become. 

I am truly getting closer to living my purpose. Happy Days my friends. Happy Days.


Benjamin J Harvey – Live Your Love

I am so excited to be working with Benjamin J. Harvey to help my dream of getting out and meeting everyone touched by adoption and Fostering and getting into the Highschools in Australia and speaking about the importance of sex education to young Teens with the vision of lowering the numbers of Teen mums….. I truly believe this is my purpose in life. I have a vision and i can’t wait to share it with you.

The greatest Gift


The greatest gift

Dubbo Photo News 12.06.2013

By Alexandria Kelly


More than 32 years later, and with a thousand kilometres separating them, Natasha Wheatland is still the apple of her mother’s eye.

Her mother is Sandra Sense who fondly remembers bouncing baby Natasha on her knee, her first day of school and sharing her wedding day. But the memory she holds closest is the first day she met Natasha. Dressed in a marked white top at just six weeks old, Natasha was the baby that Sandra and her husband Bruce had been waiting to adopt for five years.

“It was incredible”, Sandra shared with Dubbo Photo News this week. “We put her in an outfit we’d bought for her and she just looked like a little angle – the bonding was instant.

Growing up, Natasha always knew she was adopted – Sandra and Bruce opted for an honest and open relationship on the subject – and part of that was using the available support groups to prepare Natasha for getting in touch with her birth parents.

“Natasha’s birth mother gave us a gift, and I always wanted to thank her for that, “Sandra said.

Thanks to a very unique set of circumstances, in 1998 Sandra got to do just that. It took just four hours from the time Natasha found her birth mother’s name to their first conversation.

Fifteen years later Natasha has a lovely relationship with her birth mother and Sandra has made a life-long friend.

Sandra will be sharing her story as a guest speaker at the Benevolent  Society’s Adoption Connections Meeting on Wednesday June 19, at the Western Plains Cultural Centre, commencing at 6pm.

With one in four Australians involved in adoption, the meeting aims to  bring together adoptees, parents and any other family who have been affected in a supportive environment, with the opportunity to meet others in the same situation.

If you’re interested in attending you can contact Natalia on 1300 659 814 to RSVP