A poem by: Ayrlie Rae Timmermans “Deeper Than The Surface”

Our daughter Ayrlie is at war in Afghanistan and amongst the desert where she lives she spots a butterfly. This is  very significant to me as butterflies to me is a sign that you will be looked after/over and everything will be O.K. Read my blog; Why butterflies as well….

Grab your tissues:-


Deeper Than The Surface

Amidst the hell that is war,

Persists the innocence of life,

At the end of a gun,

A rifle, a knife;

Rests a single butterfly,

Unaware of the fight

As we stand-to,

All throughout the night.

This one innocent little butterfly,

Makes me realise a few things,

There are beauties out there,

Not just the war and its Kings.

Not the dust and the heat,

And the sound of AK’s,

But the sunrise and sunset,

The mountainous views in our way.

I was caught off guard,

I’ll admit that quite freely,

With only war one my mind,

This butterfly, it free’d me;

From my mind so set,

On my job that’s at hand,

Forgetting the real beauties,

Of this war torn land.

The Green Zone is deathly,

To any of our soldiers,

But take a step back and look,

It’s beauty’s much bolder.

I’m as green as the next guy,

Damn that’s the truth,

But that butterfly got me,

Made me think of my youth.

Switch back on Timmermans,

Apply what you’ve trained,

There’s no time for questions,

Don’t be that soldier who’s named;

Don’t be another death,

Because you’ve shown too much thought,

Success is our mission,

Just do what we’re taught.

I am as Australian soldier,

Fighting the Afghan war,

They should’ve known what was coming,

When they knocked on our door,

It might seem quite harsh,

But it’s the reality at hand,

They won’t go away,

That’s why we now stand;

As strong as we can,

As an Army force,

Fighting for our country,

We have no remorse.

Yes I am young,

I am only 19,

Although that’s just a song,

Life’s actually that mean.

Only the strong can withstand,

This life and more,

Only the dead,

Have seen the end of the war.

GNR A.R.Timmermans

16 Air Land Regiment


Afghanistan 2012



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