Snow – Mt Canobolis – Orange – NSW

Sat 19.6.1999

Well we are up, fed and ready to take the kids to Orange to see the snow. Ayrlie has been praying the past few weeks- Sandra and I aren’t convinced there will be snow left for us to see. However we are dressed ready to go.  We drive out of Dubbo through Wellington and into Orange. 2hrs later we are sure there is no snow on the mountain, then a glimmer of hope. YES we see snow on the summit! YEE-HAW!!! Ayrlie your prayers are answered. We drive to the very top and there is still snow on the sides driving up and at the top. It’s freezing cold, windy and below 0°. We hop out of our warm cars and jump into the snow. The kids are excited and having the time of their lives throwing snow balls and making a snow man and jumping into the snow. How lucky we are to be playing in snow in June. 12 months ago I would have never dreamt of playing in the snow with all my children, Ayrlie, Liam AND Natasha. I believe in God as he did listen to my prayers and has made my dreams come true. For that I am eternally grateful. After exhausting ourselves in the freezing cold, Sandra has packed up a picnic lunch.

We drive down the mountain to Lake Canobolis Park. The kids ran around and had a swing then we share a smorgasbord lunch. Sandra doesn’t leave anything behind. I have eaten home cooking continuously since we arrived. I feel very comfortable with Bruce and Sandra. I feel like I have known them for years yet only met Sandra 3 times and Bruce only once. WEIRD. I can see that Tash is ‘Bruce’s Little Girl’ and that warms my heart. She is truly a lucky child to have such loving, caring and giving parents. The epitome of what every child deserves but doesn’t always get. Thanks be to God. Amen. While eating lunch the Senses’ scheme a trip to the Wellington caves. The kids all have a snooze in the cars. What an experience for Ayrlie, a chance to go into caves and experience stalactites and stalagmites. Liam even enjoyed it. Ayrlie remembers ‘Headache Cave’ and the ‘Sparkly Crystal Column’. Then Sandra stopped for us to see a construction made from Wellington Bridge and from the local school children. Now we head back for Dubbo. Yeah.

Jason whipped up spag bog for dinner and we kept a plate for Peter. He arrives 1am in the morning. Everyone is crashed out. Bruce, Sandra and I stay up to pick Peter up from the bus stop. YEAH! I can’t wait!




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  1. I remember that day! i remember when jas said he was going to go make yellow snow. Being 8 i didnt understand what he really meant so i followed him, intrigued about how he could possibly create yellow snow lol he turned around and saw me walking behind him and freaked out a little and told me he was actually going to pee lol. AAAAAND i remember throwing a snowball at tash when she had the video camera and i hit the camera directly on the lense haha

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