A decision to be made

At aged 17 my waters broke in the car as my mother was rushing me to the Royal Brisbane Hospital in Brisbane October 11, 1980. I had made the decision to adopt my baby as i was only 17, a single mother, and had dreams of representing Australia as a champion Figure Roller Skater. I would have had to raise my baby at home with my parents and brother and foster sister this was not the life i had pictured for myself. I had watched many of the girls in my school become single parents and life was not easy for them. I was not going to become another statistic. In 1980 we did not have a baby bonus, no help with housing just embarassement and shame to your immediate family as for the PILL i needed to have had a letter of concent from my parents so i could protect myself from falling pregnant, Can you believe that?. Abortions were done legally in Sydney,  NSW, I couldn’t get there so i looked at back yard options in Brisbane. The thought of not surviving or having permanent future problems scared me to death so the only option left for me was to adopt. I believed that my baby needed a mother and father to have a better life. At least that was what we were lead to believe – RIGHT. Well in my case this is what she got. A wonderful mother and father that raised her in DUBBO NSW and renamed her Natasha Rose. I share this with you with no regret, I believe i made the right decision.

Let the story begin.


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  1. I’m so glad your baby girl has had the opportunity to be raised by a mum and dad and also given the adoptive parents joy at having a baby they couldn’t have otherwise. You made the right decision.

    • Thanks Sandra, To think we celebrated my 17th birthday together i was 7 months pregnant and you never said anything to me. I guess this is just a part of my amazing story and yes you do have a part in it ol girl. Friends since Grade 1 i truely am blessed to share this with you. Thanks for being there for me.

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